An ever growing list of who I think has their own portion of the cosmic correctness. I have no affiliation with any of the following, except personal experience.

First, Metacrawler is, and has been for a long time, the official search engine of Some of the Answers, but Google seems to be gaining some sway.


  • The Libertarian Party is my favorite political party, and one of the few that's based on a philosophy.

  • The GNU project is dedicated to the idea that software should not be owned. They put out quite a lot of good free software.


  • Spire makes amazingly high quality carrying cases for notebook computers. Expensive compared to some, but well worth every dime in quality.

  • MouseMitts are a godsend if you suffer from any sort of wrist strain or carpal tunnel. A small company that deserves your support, they make an excellent, well-thought-out product.

  • Road Tools sells the CoolPad, a nice device that sits under your laptop, and simultaneously allows for the dissipation of extra heat and lets you rotate the whole thing 360 degrees.

  • Password Safe is a free Windows program to keep all of your passwords securely. It makes the process of adding new unique passwords for all those assorted web logins a breeze.


  • Koyaanisqatsi is a word with many meanings, the most famous of which is "Life out of balance". A documentary without words, but with a tremendous score by Philip Glass.

  • Run Lola Run is a fantastic German film that comes about as close as any I've ever seen to picturing the way I see the world interacting with itself.


  • MJD is a perl programmer. He's got a clue, a fun sense of humor, and an ability to point out the mistakes of the pompous like no one else I've ever seen.

  • JWZ is an old-school hacker and probably responsible for many of the good things to come out of Netscape, in some way or another.

  • Bruce Schneier is one of the world's leading cryptologists and president of Counterpane Systems.


  • The Awful Truth is Michael Moore's latest foray into dealing with being pissed off and helping others do so.


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