I often ask myself the same question.
This website is an attempt to clear through the junk (the proverbial cosmic junk) and to try to provide some snippets of truth, wit, humor, and whatnot. In short, some of the answers. Most of the initial content will be provided by myself and the people I know. All of the questions will be asked by me. Eventually, I hope to expand things to include more viewpoints, but I'm starting small. This site is technically still in beta, but the amount of content will increase as more questions are answered. If there isn't enough here to keep you occupied, check out my other site. If you're looking for a creative technical person to hire full-time, see my resume.

Sometimes the answers are serious, sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're even inappropriate. But they try really really hard to not be wrong.
This website is dedicated to the Middle Path.

So, come in and enjoy, and come back later, there might always be more.


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